Springfield to Florence

September 93711-spring3Tonight was the opening for a group show at Emerald Art Center in Springfield Oregon, where I have 2 prints one the walls. It is pretty rare when I get to attend an opening, so I was looking forward to it. This is the first time the Arts Center has sponsored a photo based exhibit, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The judges were all from local colleges and I didn’t know any of them. Still, having two hanging in the show, I hoped for the best.3707-spring1Springfield, I guess, is best known for perhaps being the town The Simpsons is based on. They only seem to play it up a little. There is lots of public art in the form of murals all over the downtown area. We had a little fun with them before the opening.3708-spring2This was the Friday night art walk in town, with another photography show at city hall around the block from the Arts Center, and a few other open galleries downtown. There was a nice turnout for the show at Emerald, and the quality of the work was quite good overall. These kinds of open call shows are often really uneven, but there was some other really nice work. Unfortunately my prints didn’t garner any awards this time.3715-spring4After we left the opening, we found a local brewhouse and split a burger and huge plate of calamari. A couple of good drafts, and we were good to go – back to our cozy Lazy Daze. Down the street from the brewhouse, we found one happy Pope, celebrating Friday no doubt.3718-spring5Florence Area
Sunday, September 113720-hecetabeach1It was smooth drive out to the coast from Eugene and nothing fell off the RV. We arrived in Florence on Saturday around mid-day at Heceta RV Park. Nothing special here, except it’s a couple of miles away from the road and near the beach. In fact, we soon took the short 1/4 mile walk to the beach for a late afternoon stroll. The wind was up and so were the kites.3722-hecetabeach2It was a nice way to stretch out the kinks.3724-hecetabeach3On Sunday, we were up and out early to check out the dunes. Getting out early seems to be the only way to get some fog into our pictures. There wasn’t much, but we found a spot or two to make photos.2984-florencedunes1 2987-florencedunes2 2994-florencedunes3We moved down closer to the jetty and walked out on a small pier where folks were throwing out their crab pots. The gulls here were hoping for a scrap. From here we could watch the fishing boats heading out for the day.3001-florencedunes4 3004-florencedunes5 3006-florencedunes6 3010-florencedunes7 3014-florencedunes8 3015-florencedunes9On the way to the dunes, as we were driving through town, Mary caught a glimpse of a tricked out hot rod. Se remembered seeing something about a car show in Old Town, so we went looking for it after the dunes. It didn’t take long and it was quite a show. No traditional paint jobs here and not just a little custom work done to these cars.3016-carshow1 3017-carshow2 3019-carshow3 3022-carshow4 3024-carshow5 3025-carshow6 3032-carshow7 3042-carshow8 3044-carshow9 3049-carshow10 3050-carshow11 3067-carshow12 3079-carshow13After lunch, we headed north to the Heceta Lighthouse. This one is still operational, but not in great repair. The tour consisted of standing inside at the base of the tower and listening to the docent describe the daily routine of lighthouse life.3088-lighthouse2 3084-carshow14Afterward, we wanted to check out the Cape Perpetua campground for a possible future stay. We also went up to the overlook – one of the best on the Oregon coast. At the City Hall show in Springfield, we saw a photo taken from this point at night and thought we might do the same a few day from now.3101-capeperpetua1 3107-capeperpetua2 3095-bridge 3113-capeperpetua3 3117-capeperpetua4 3128-capeperpetua5 3134-capeperpetua6This is the view we want to capture at night.

We headed back to camp, but stopped once more to photograph the Heceta Lighthouse from the overlook.3148-capeperpetua7 3150-capeperpetua8 3152-capeperpetua9

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