Back to Norris, Day 8

Thursday, June 449477-norrisWe originally planned to camp down in the big campground at Madison, but when we talked with reservations, we learned there were only single day reservations open and the walk-up is too iffy. We opted for Norris again – an extra 10 miles to get down to the geyser basin we’re interested in visiting near Madison. No matter, we also wanted to get up to Norris Geyser Basin just a couple miles from the campground.49478-norrisIt was afternoon by the time we finished bumping our way back down the under construction road, and got ourselves set-up again at Norris. Mary was feeling more energetic today, so we went to Norris Geyser Basin for a short walk around the boardwalk. I wasn’t expecting much – I guess I just didn’t remember it well. It could have been the lighting, but the color combinations of water and mineral was so alluring.49481-norrisWe first walked around and through the Porcelain Basin area. Here I found some amazing abstracts with melting colors and steam spouting out of holes and cracks in the surface. These might be some of my favorite images of the trip so far.49483-norris49501-norrisAs we ventured out further onto the exposed boardwalk, the clouds thickened and we started feeling the occasional large raindrop plunk down on our heads. Then began a light rain of heavy drops. The crowds began hasty retreats. We opted for some scraggly pines along a slightly forested portion of the now dirt trail. Five minutes later, the rain stopped and the people were gone. We continued on our walk.49515-norris 49520-norrisMary was dressed pretty lightly, so we finished this portion of the walk and returned to the Rav for heavier clothing and a little snack. We picked up at the Back Basin Trail (also mostly a boardwalk). This area has still more interesting features, like Steamboat and Green Dragon Geysers.49553-norris 49561-norrisWe walked up to one little dry geyser and paused for a while. An older asian couple arrived. We each just paused a while.49573-norrisSuddenly it just erupted to a hight of about 10’. It had a number of short bursts then just stopped. We all just looked at each other and burst out laughing with shock and surprise! It was a nice cross-culture experience.49574-norrisWe knew our loop hike was nearly done when we arrived back at Cistern Spring. The wind had changed just enough so that I could actually see the pool. Heavier clouds had come over again and it created a really nice composition. Another favorite of today.49594-norris49597-norrisWe were done hiking for the day. Heavy clouds again, but another very full fun day.

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