Back on the Road

Saturday, April 4
So… I’m just going to pretend that the past week didn’t happen. Except for this part:
A really nice 3 days in Pinnacles National Park. 5770_pinn4As we drove into the campground, we were pleasantly surprised to find another LD already there.They came out to greet us and we met Jan and Ron Chisman, who we had actually already met at Quartzite 2 years ago. We had a nice chat and invited them over for a visit the next day.

A nice little poppy field just across the road from the campground.

A nice little poppy field just across the road from the campground.

5760_pinn2We got up early to beat the and headed out for our first hike of the trip up along the High Peaks Trail. It was a wonderfully cool start, but got warm fast. On the way up, we stopped often as we always do. The light was wonderful and we really enjoyed being out on the trail again. Of course we did get a bit twisted around trying to read a fairy simple map. We ended up having to eventually turn around and retrace our way back to camp, but it was still great.
5764_pinn3This place looks a lot like Alabama hills is spots. As I remember it, Pinnacles is actually part of the same formation the has drifted north over the eons.
5770_pinn4 5774_pinn5 5783_pinn6 5787_pinn7Tuesday we took it easy in the morning and waited until the afternoon before setting out on another hike. Mary wanted to hike the caves trail. This looks like a canyon of sorts, that giant boulder have fallen into. A trail down on ground level was threaded through this jumble, eventually rising up to a very nice little reservoir. We walked around it a little, enjoying all the kids there on school climbing trips.

2295_cave12299_cave2 2303_cave3 2308_cave444423_kidsClimbMany of you probably already know what happened on the way to Pismo Beach, our intended destination. If you haven’t heard, and want to read about it, see Mary’s Blog.

So after we made arrangements for the repairs, we decided to make the best of the situation. One of Mary’s friends from work now lives in Atascadero, near Paso Robles, so we met them for an amazing breakfast at Joe’s Other Cafe. We’ve eaten here before and it is a belly expanding experience. It was fun to catch up with Susan and Fred as well.

5815_paso3After breakfast, we decided to do a little wildflower drive along Shell Road. We’ve heard it was pretty much finished, so I didn’t expect much – and I wasn’t disappointed. Everything is nearly bone dry here. Most all flowers have been fried brown, but we did manage to find a few die hards.5802_paso2 5829_paso5Making great photos really wasn’t the point of going out this morning. It was more a way of getting back a little normalcy. Just going through the process of making pictures has such a calming effect, that soon our trepidations of things to come became positive again. We are ready to continue our trip.
5827_paso4 5829_paso5 5833_paso6

An unusual lawn ornament.

An unusual lawn ornament.

By now, we were getting just a bit thirsty. Some of our favorite wineries are in this area, so we headed out for some tasting. At Tobin James, we discovered they were members of the Harvest Hosts group, where for $40/year RV’er can park for one or more nights free. We are already wine club members, so now we have a cheapish place to stay in the heart of the region. They do like you to buy some wine, so well, kinda free. I think we found a new favorite destination. So I am hoping all troubles are behind us and this blog will only be filled with wonderful images and good experiences. We will be picking up the LD tomorrow morning and just have to find a campground on the Saturday before Easter. What could go wrong?

How we kept our cool when things went bad.

How we kept our cool when things went bad.

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