Two days in Santa Fe

Wednesday, September 240983_Coyote3Another short drive day of 25 miles or so found us in Santa Fe. We are only going to be here for a couple of days. We found an RV park called Los Suenos de Santa Fe. A fancy name for a gravel parking lot, but it is off the road enough so noise is not a big issue (except for the garbage truck that rumbled past on the other side of the fence from us. It is just 4 miles from town center on Cerillos Rd, so for 2 nights, it’s quite bearable.
1791_Coyote2Also, just enough time to celebrate the impending loss of my 50’s. I am dangerously close to geezerdom now. So what to do? Eat of course. I emailed a photography friend of mine who lives in Santa Fe for recommendations for great dinner places. She responded with 4 or 5 fine restaurants. We opted for one we ate at during an earlier visit, Coyote Cafe, right near the main square of Santa Fe center. We both remember it as being terrific, and it did not disappoint this time either.1789_Coyote1I ordered a lemon drop for a starting cocktail, but our server came back and suggested a Heat Wave. This was vodka with a small scoop of lemon sobet dropped in. Not nearly as sweet as a Lemon Drop, but it actually went better with an amazing appetizer we shared of fried squash blossoms filled with crab. Heaven! Mary went on to order a grilled salmon dish and I had the elk (again). So good. Of course there was dessert. Mary had a Chocolate Terrine and mine was a banana cream pie-like dish. We split a bottle of Bucklin Zinfandel from Sonoma. It was all very good. Before heading back to camp, we strolled around the square for a while. I really like that the city restricts traffic in the area. Makes for pleasant walking.

Thursday, September 252959_SantaFe1We were up and out early in the morning. We like to walk Canyon Road, a little north of the square when we are in town. The road is lined with art galleries of all kinds. Much of the work really isn’t too appealing to me, but the buildings and grounds make for some fun investigations. This early in the morning, the busy road is relatively quiet and since it it quite narrow, it is easier to walk at this time.
2976_SantaFe3 2981_SantaFe4 2983_SantaFe5The slowly rising sun casts wonderfully long shadows across many of the faux and real adobe buildings. We really just go a little nuts with making pictures, but it is fun isolating elements, making unique images that scream “Place”.2988_SantaFe6 2992_SantaFe7 3004_SantaFe8 3009_SantaFe9 3014_SantaFe11 3024_SantaFe13 3030_SantaFe14 3039_SantaFe15 3045_SantaFe171796_art1After a couple hours of this, we tired and decided it was finally breakfast time. Back down to the square, we stopped in at the Plaza Cafe. We both had the Chile Rellenos omelets. Pretty spicy, but hey, chili is the thing to have while here. After returning to camp and resting up a bit, we were out again. There were a couple of galleries we wanted to visit. The first was SITE Santa Fe. Unsettled Landscapes a conceptual exhibit featuring sculpture, video and photography. Most of it was a bit too conceptual for me, but it is always interesting trying to figure out what the hell the artists are trying to say. Even their statements often don’t help.1798_art2 1799_art3Any ideas about what a transvestite indian, riding an Indian motorcycle could mean? His full make-up and dream catcher bra didn’t help. There was some nice photography at Verve Gallery – our next stop, but it was getting late in the afternoon and we still wanted to take a drive into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Santa Fe. We could see some nice color up there – the aspens turing. The clouds were quite heavy over the mountains, and by the time we got up to 10,000 feet where the color was the best, it had started raining. It got pretty heavy, and while there were some nice scenes, we weren’t about to get soaked making photos. We drove on a bit admiring the views, but decided to head back. By the time we got back down to the 7000 ft level, we were also out from under the clouds and rain and back into the low 80’s heat. We’ll be back another time for fall here, but we are on our way to Colorado after 2 days at Bandelier National Monument.

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