Saturday, September 13
We’d heard about a bluegrass festival to be held in the city park in downtown Silver City. While we’d never heard of any of the groups slated to perform, it sounded like fun anyway. The morning was pretty cloudy, but it looked like it would clear. The day was breezy but it turned out to be a very nice with plenty of sun and breeze to cool off with. There was music all day, but we showed up around 3:30 to catch a couple of acts.
2520_picamania2The groups’ set-up and played on a nice little stage raised a few feet high so everyone around can see. Lawn chairs were allowed and the crowd numbered maybe 200-300 people. First we saw an all girl group called hONEyhoUSe. They could be called bluegrass I guess, but I’d call them more country than anything else. They were quite good and the harmonies were very nice.2518_picamania1During the break between acts, we walked around the grounds a bit, taking in the local crowd and checking out the food. Crowd was mostly local hippies, both old and young, and various visitors from out of town. Food was pretty mediocre. Hard to make mediocre barbecue, but there you have it. I did enjoy some green chili stew a little earlier, but overall, not so great.2525_picamania4Next up were Fishtank Ensemble. This group was an eclectic bunch from L.A. who pay for their travel from major venue to venue by playing these small festivals. They were really fun to listen to, but I’d be really hard pressed to call them bluegrass. The hippie crowd seemed challenged trying to dance to the strange warbling singer. They did have a fiddle player, but I’d call them closer to Pink Martini than anything else, though on they did come up with a bluegrass lick every now and then.2523_picamania3They finished up their set with a rendition on Sweet Chile of Mine, by Guns and Roses. It was actually a really nice rendition with violin taking place of electric guitar. We stayed for the raffle results – a really sweet electric guitar – sadly we did not win it. Sunday’s raffle include a beautiful mandolin and a goggle tablet. It was a fun day and tomorrow we plan a hike to some dragonfly pictographs.2526_picamania5

Dragonfly Trail
Sunday, September 14
Today we went out in search of the Dragonfly Trail. This is about a 3 mile loop trail with a set of petroglyphs in the middle. Weather was a bit cloudy and breezy. Perfect for this open country hike. We found the trail without much trouble and headed out. The rolling hills and well marked trail made this an effortless hike, although we did miss the petroglyphs at first. We had to backtrack maybe 1/8 mile to find them. These are the first dragonfly petroglyphs we’ve seen, so the uniqueness made them a little more special.
2546_dragonfly5 2551_dragonfly6 2556_dragonfly7 2561_dragonfly8Along the way, we stopped often to check out the interesting flora and fauna.2529_dragonfly1 2544_dragonfly4 2538_dragonfly3After lunch at the panels, we headed back. We were moving along the trail quite nicely, when suddenly I heard from behind some crashing through the brush and rather loud thumping. I got just a glimpse of a large tan animal on the other side of some bushes rushing by. Since this was a horse trail, it crossed my mind that a runaway horse was on the loose, but when Mary caught up to me, she said it was an elk that was startled by her and bolted through some bushes and took off up the hill. A little further down the trail, I came upon a cute little snake that seemed to be very aware of me, but wasn’t moving. A little later, another snake crossed our path. Neither were rattlers, so they were fun to observe.
2563_dragonfly9We had planned on head east today on NM-152 to Elephant Butte, but a part of the road is closed due to flooding from storms a few days ago. It was going to be a long twisty road to navigate anyway (including some very low clearance bridges), so we’ve opted to head up highway 180 to Glenwood and check out the catwalk. We hope to stay at forest service campground called Bighorn.

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