Golden Canyon


My posts are a bit delayed because by moving over to the Stovepipe Wells campground, we lost our internet connection. We’ve had to drive to Beaty, NV to do our posting.

We spent most of Saturday morning catching up on blog writing. Just skipping it for a couple of days is too much and requires more time than one would think to catch up again. Plus we share time on the laptop, so getting it done can take a while. By noon we were both caught up and decided to head out to Golden Canyon for an afternoon hike. A few of the evenings have been a bit windy, but the days have been very pleasant. Today though, started out on the windy side. Choosing to hike Golden Canyon meant we probably would be protected from the bulk of it. This turned out to be the case. Once inside the wash/canyon, the winds died down and we had a nice walk. What is nice about this hike is that in a relatively short distance, there is lots of interesting terrain to see.



136_CG7Golden Canyon got it’s name from the light yellow mud hills that light up with reflected light in the afternoons. They make up much of the surrounding area. These hills back up against a large wall of red rock, called Red Cathedral. As the trail moves up the canyon, the Cathedral wall comes into view. There is a trail option to branch off and hike up closer, but we have never done that. Getting closer to it doesn’t make it better in my opinion. Instead, we take the Zabriskie Point/Gower Gulch trail branch to the right to continue on.




151_CG10At the next junction, we decided to take the Zabriskie Point branch and hike up that way for a while. We have never done this part before and thought it might yield some new views. It eventually leeds up to the Zabriskie Point overlook and we hiked about half the way up to it. We did get some new looks and it was nice to see the area in a new way. We turned back at this point, and pretty much retraced our steps back to the parking lot. We have done the Gower Gulch portion of the loop trail several times before. It moves all downhill through another wash before coming out back in the valley, then loops back around to the parking lot. It’s not a bad hike, but it adds an extra half mile we didn’t want to do.



Sunday, February 2

Mini Winnie

Mini Winnie

After a nice breakfast, we decided to upload the blogs from the previous few days. The cell reception is surprisingly good here at Furnace Creek. We have 4 bars of 1x reception in the campground, but that is way better than in years past. WiFi is available around the lodge area, but at $11/day, I am pretty happy to just use our Verizon hot spot. Browsing is plenty fast enough for our needs. It took a while, but we eventually did get it all done.193_20mule2






220_20mule9Eventually we got back up to Dante’s View, but again, cloud cover made the valley floor very flat and featureless. There were some nice views off to the east when sun broke through here and there, but it didn’t look like it would happen for us on the valley. We decided to bale and headed back to camp to treat ourselves to pizza at the Furnace Creek Saloon. We’d hoped to arrive after the Super Bowl, but it was only in the 3rd quarter when we got there. It was a subdued crowd owing to the blowout nature of the game. Considering where we are though, the pizza was pretty good, and the Fat Tire beer really hit the spot.232_DanteView1



As I said at the start, we’ve moved up to Stovepipe Wells for 4-5 days. We plan to walk the dunes, drive Titus Canyon, visit a crater and walk a new to us 6 mile hike. My next post will probably be around 4 days from today.

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