QpanoHello everyone and welcome to my “Year in Review” photography update.

As the new year begins, we find ourselves gearing up for another somewhat brief (for us) road trip. For the next 4-6 weeks, We will be traveling to, and hanging around Quartzsite, Arizona for the annual “Gathering of the Tribes” RV get-together. Every year this little town grows from 3000 year-round residents, to over 1 million – all of them RV’ers, camping in the hundreds of acres of public lands that surround the town. Initially, we will be meeting up with a group of friends I’ve met over the years traveling the roads of the western U.S. There will also be lots of new people to meet and hopefully photograph. My Life on Wheels project started here in 2011 and I am hoping to finish up the photography part of this project while on this trip.

Looking Back
This past year started off nicely when I was invited to exhibit as an anchor artist in the San Francisco PhotoAlliance/S.F. Arts Commission group show, Take Me Away. I showed 10 prints from Life on Wheels. It ran at the City Hall Gallery Space from January to the middle of May.

I was especially pleased to be part of:
• Wallspace Gallery, New Directions, in Santa Barbara and traveling to Seattle.
• Griffin Museum of Photography, 19th Juried Exhibition, in Winchester, MA.
• RayKo Photo Center, Myself, and I, AND The Easiest Season (Honorable mention), in San Francisco.

More work appeared in shows at:
• Center For Fine Art Photography – Box Squared
• MPLS Photo Center – Home: Where We Live.
• Spiva Center for the Arts – PhotoSpiva 2013, Joplin MO.
• Rayko Photo Center – Center Forward, traveling from Center For Fine Art Photography.

I was also invited to join the Art Photo Index, created by Rixon Reed.

JasonNikkiLooking Forward
Starting off quickly this year, I’ve had 2 prints selected (more from Life on Wheels) to be part of a juried exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana. This brings to 10 the number of different images shown in juried exhibits around the country. This one varies a bit from the usual juried competition in that it is a hybrid invitational and juried exhibition. The juried portion was selected by individuals in the Art Curatorial Department of the museum, while the prizes are awarded by a group selected from the invited artists. The invited artists are: Julie Blackmon, Sharon Harper, Richard Renaldi, Martina Lopez, and Nick Veasey. The 1st place winner gets a purchase award and solo exhibit, 2nd place gets a purchase award, and 4 juror’s Merit Awards of $500 each round out the prizes. The show opens March 29. Should be interesting!

Also interesting will be my main goal for 2014 – bringing Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads to book form. In the coming months I will be gathering information and resources to help me reach that goal. Initially, I am thinking a self published maquette that I can show around, before I consider looking for a traditional publisher. I want it to be as fully realized as possible, so I will be looking for people with whom I can collaborate. If you have recommendations about consultants, designers and writers that might be good for this project, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, have a look at an updated hidden gallery of new prospective images.

Thanks to all for following along with me on my photographic journey. I hope you all have a wonderful new year.
jollyA further update on my lube pump problems from our last trip. I brought the Rav4 down to the folks who installed it originally, and they tested the connections and pump. I was pretty sure the pump had to be bad but both checked out fine. As soon as he applied power to the pump, it fired right up. I also brought the connecting cable that connects the LD to the car. It also checked out fine. So I had go et the LD and bring it down to the shop. He checked the power at the back end receptacle and got almost no reading. So then he moved up to the cab and tested power coming from the battery into the lube pump monitor. No problem. Checking the power coming out of the monitor show it was dead. So fine, the thing that is supposed to warn me of problems with the pump is the cause of it not working.

Since this was just before Christmas, it wouldn’t be until this past Monday that he was able to order and replace the monitor, a $150 item. When he did, guess what – NOTHING. No power, just the warning buzzer. He scratched his head, made a few calls to Remco, got under the dash and pulled a few wires leading from the monitor. Guess what he found. Inline fuses! Two of them. One coming in, and one going out of the monitor. One was blown. A $3 fix. His tech that originally looked at the problem, didn’t see, or think to check the wires for fuses. Even though they installed it. A lot of trouble for nothing. At least he didn’t charge me anything for any of the diagnostics they did. It was a bit of travel and time back and forth to Redwood City, but it could have been much worse. I still feel the lube pump is very dependable – it actually has never been a problem. Just a few surrounding issues that affected it have caused some problems. It is still worth it’s weight in convenience.

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