June Lakes Loop & Walker Lake

Sunday October 7
8238Sunday morning we dawdled. Mary made us a B&E breakfast and we sat in bed reading and writing the blogs. But we eventually got it together enough to do the June Lakes Loop drive. It is really the first time we’ve been able to see this terrain while the trees are turning. We left the campsite late, around 2 PM and thought we’d first drive up to the Walker Lake trailhead to see what it was like. The Garmin gave us no fewer than 3 different roads to get there. The one we chose led us by a really nice grove of aspens and we lingered there for an hour or so. Traveling further up the road, we came to a locked gate. It was late so we decided to just forget about Walker for now. We went on to the loop.
8241It was a nice drive. We stopped several times to photograph at spots we had seen on previous drives. At Silver Lake, the light was fading really fast, but it was so nice. It was also nice to see people out enjoying the beautiful afternoon. People were out fishing, boating, hiking and just hanging around the shore. All very relaxing. We finished the loop and came back to camp.





Monday October 7
On Monday, we choose to do the Walker Lake hike. It starts off with an brief incline before reaching a wonderful overall view of the lake. It then descends down pretty sharply about 500′ over a rocky path to lake level. There are lots of place to stop an enjoy the view, as long as you remember to look up. When we got to the bottom, we decided to walk along the path around the lake as far as we could. The aspen were all at or near peak color so we had a great time. We thought we would walk completely around the lake, but just before we got to what looked like a boathouse, we were confronted by multiple signs stating it was private property, no trespassing, violators will be prosecuted. Even though the place seemed deserted, we decided it best to just turn around.


8338When we got back to the trail junction, we still felt pretty good, so we decided to walk around the other way a little. We came to a water crossing and could hear splashing up and down the steam. Looking more closely, we could see lots of trout working their way up stream. It was spawning time, and they were really going at it. All the fishermen walking around the lake wondering why nothing was biting might be interested to know about this. My pictures didn’t come out very well on these, so no shots from me. We continued on for a bit, but the going got a little dicy so we decided to call it a day and turned back.




8418Instead on just coming back to camp, we thought we’d check out Lee Vining Canyon. All of the campgrounds are closed of course, but the color was looking too good to pass up. Usually when we are here, it is late in October. All the campgrounds are closed then anyway and it never stopped us from exploring. While we couldn’t drive into the campgrounds, we could drive up Power Plant Road, and it runs all along the stream until it ends at the plant. Lots of opportunities for images here, but it was late afternoon and we were tired. I shot at a couple of places, but we will probably come back either tomorrow or when we return in a week or so.


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