Rat Rod and Barbecue

6213_car1June 1 – Today is Rat Rod and Barbecue in the town of Palouse and Don had a hankering to see it. Sounded like fun to me, so later in the afternoon, we all piled into the Rav and drove to town. It was really quite surprising. There were loads of hotrods of all shapes, sizes and years.



6224_car5They come from miles around to exhibit their imaginative restoration work. The detailing on some of the cars was incredible. Main Street in town was completely closed and the cars took up most of it and several other side streets and vacant lots. I’m not much of a car guy, but I did enjoy photographing them, and listening to the enthusiasm of the car owners is infectious – where they had to go to find the body and engine, what shape it was in, how long it took to rehab it, etc.6225_car6




6242_car10The roller derby girls didn’t hurt either. We are moving over to Moscow (pronounced Mos-Co) in Idaho on Sunday for a few days. We had to move anyway as all our tanks are full, so we figured we might change location as well. Moscow is further south and east. I’m not sure what the terrain will be like, but I find it hard to believe it can top what I’ve seen so far in the Palouse. We’ll do some driving trips from there before deciding where to go next.6254_car15




Not a real child, but it does get your attention.

Not a real child, but it does get your attention.

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