A Hike in Jedediah Smith State Park

1661_BoyScout1We did another short jump up the coast to Crescent City on Monday, May 6. We pulled into Village Camper RV Park a little off Highway 101 for a couple of days. This was our second choice as the first one a bit south of town was essentially a parking lot just off the highway. At Village Camper, with our Good Sam discount, we got in for the same price and it’s way nicer – very quiet and park-like. We spent the rest of the day on chores with the idea we would do a nice hike on Tuesday, Mary’s birthday.1668_BoyScout2We had several hours of light rain during the night and Mary was not enthusiastic  about hiking in the wet, but I convinced her it would make it better. The rain had passed by morning and while everything was wet, it was also very fresh feeling. We headed into Jedediah Smith State Park for our last hike in California. We chose the Boy Scout trail. It’s a 5.2 round trip hike through the forest to a nice little waterfall, named Fern Falls (what else). There is a little unmarked side trail that starts near the waterfall that leads to a large tree named “Boy Scout Tree”. We chose to skip that part. From what I read, it is a large downed tree with a bunch of smaller trees growing out of it. Sounded kinda cool, but maybe next time. Once again the forest was very still and quiet. Such a pleasure to hike in these conditions. On the drive to the trailhead there were a couple of areas where fog had descended into the trees and I had high hopes that we would find conditions like this while we walked. It can give such a nice quality to the forest and a very different feel.
1677_BoyScout4The trail itself was quite easy. Only around 200′ elevation up or down and very gradual. We had hoped to find blooming wild Rhododendrons somewhere along the way, but so far it’s been just a bit too early. We did find one blooming on this trail though. Hopefully more will be found later. We had the trail mostly to ourselves with only a couple of groups passing us along the way. We tend to dawdle a lot early photographing on these trails, that it usually takes us 2 – 3 hours to get a few miles. But that’s what it’s all about for us. This morning everything looked so good that we stopped often. About halfway to the falls, we moved into an area where the fog had moved in. I wish there was more, but I did what I could with it.


Fern Falls. Diminutive, but nice.

Fern Falls. Diminutive, but nice.




A resting point on the trail perfect for a "We were there".

A resting point on the trail perfect for a “We were there”.

941935_538147209557812_291952163_nIn the evening to celebrate Mary’s birthday, we headed into greater Crescent City to find a nice fish dinner. The Chart House was supposed to be good – closed. There really wasn’t much else. We decided to avoid the casino’s even though they promised better food. They tend to be smoke filled and we don’t like the vibe. We ended up at a joint called Fisherman’s Restaurant. It was surprisingly good despite the special board being somewhat lacking. Somehow I figure I still owe her a night out.



We are now in Oregon. We moved up here on Wednesday and pulled into Bullards Beach State Park. The first thing we did after crossing the border was stop for gas. It’s about 50 cents a gallon cheaper here. Naturally I forget about not pumping your own, but the attendant was not too crabby about this. I must remember to let them do it though. I really wish they would do the windshield too. After setting up, we took a short drive out to the beach and visited the Coquille Lighthouse and strolled the beach looking for beach glass and interesting shells before returning home for dinner.

You’ve probably noticed the square format images I’ve been posting lately. They are iPhone photos shot using Instagram, an iPhone photo app with a bunch of preset filters that give the appearance of various “aged” snapshots. I can add borders, blur portions of the image and change the contrast at will. I’ve warmed slowly to using it, but I kind of like it now. I’ve been posting them on Facebook mostly. I can do it directly from the phone wherever I am, so it’s convenient and quick. My best images will be seen on the blog first, but the Instagram shots will be on Facebook first.


1772_lighthouse3Thursday we were out to tour a few of the beach parks along the coast. We stopped briefly at Seven Devil Beach before moving on to the Rhododendron Gardens at shore Acres State Park and the strolled around the rest of the grounds. Oregon parks RULE!



Arms of the Monkey Puzzle Tree.

Arms of the Monkey Puzzle Tree.


The bay at Seven Acres State Park.

The bay at Shore Acres State Park.


1855_rhodi10We are moving another 50 miles north to the town of Florence next. One of our favorite hikes in nearby. It’s the Sweet Creek trail. There are many little waterfalls all along the trail and one larger one at the end. We spent several hours slowly walking up the trail in the fall of 2011 and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

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