Ferndale & The Lost Coast

1264_Lost2We’ve been staying about 40 miles north in Ferndale for the past 2 days. We moved up here to get an early start for a road trip to The Lost Coast, via Highway 211.The Lost Coast is a very remote area where few people go just for the heck of it. Sounds about right for us. The road is very narrow and curvy and not in great shape, but still easily drivable. It winds through the coastal mountains before spilling out onto the coast. We were up early-ish and soon out on our way through Ferndale. The road headed steeply up the foggy mountains into very rain-forest like conditions, with spanish moss hanging from trees and misty views from occasional breaks in the cover. All along the way we could see large spreads of private land. Seems like most of this property is owned by other than the government.1258_Lost1
1278_Lost4Once we broke through to the top of the first peak, the trees and fog largely disappeared and what was revealed were long lovely views of green rolling mountains, with occasional views of the coast itself. Turnouts were few and far between, so we used them when we could, but also just stopped in the road as close to one side as possible when we wanted to photograph, making sure we were well in view from either direction. This whole area seems mainly traveled by people who live here and are working folk. I really didn’t want to become a bother to them. When they did come by, almost everyone gave a wave so we didn’t feel like we were hindering them much.
1288_Lost5Further along the way, the road would dip into forested areas and break free again into wide open views. I was actually surprised at how little forest there  was. Much of this land seems devoted to cattle and probably clear cut ages ago. Not huge herds, but they were in evidence all along the way. We eventually descended sharply to the coast – a pretty spectacular ride itself. This whole journey was dreadfully windy though – a cold wind at that. The coast was very nearly as bad, so we didn’t get out much to photograph. It’s too bad to, because it was very nice scenery. There were black sand beaches (well grey sand anyway), loads of wildflowers and very cool tinted ocean water. I really loved the way the water sort of blended into the sky at the horizon.




1315_Lost10We continued on to the small hamlet of Patrolia which was about the half-way point if we were going to do the complete loop. We decided against that since we figured it would be about the same kind of terrain going out as coming in. So we turned around and headed back.

Just outside of town out in a pasture, I noticed what looked to be a small group of horses. Closer inspection revealed that two of them were striped! Seems traveling to the Lost Coast transported us to Africa. We stopped to photograph and were quite surprised when the whole group of horses and zebras came over to greet us.1329_Lost11


1338_Lost12Yeah, they were just hungry, but a very friendly hungry, and they let us pet and pat and were happy with the longer grass we fed them that they couldn’t reach for themselves. The horses were not entirely happy with the zebras though. They tolerated them, but if they got too close there would be conflict.
1025_Cem2Back in the town of Ferndale we stopped to check out the Kinetic Museum, which we found with various notices to vacate within 30, 10 and 3 days, plastered all over the windows. Guess they weren’t quite kinetic enough.The town itself is quite nice. Loads of victorians and rhododendrons in full bloom. We stopped for a short while in the extensive cemetery. Mary especially loves to photograph what people put in and on their graves. There was also a pretty nice view from the top of the hilly location.
1023_GetErDunThen it was back to the Riverwalk RV Park, named as far as we can tell, for the street it is located on. No river to be seen – nearby anyway. Earlier, the day before, we went out to a bird sanctuary near us that did have a river running through it – more of a slough/river really, but it’s been so windy the past couple of days that there were few birds present. We did a short walk along the banks but it was pretty uncomfortable so we ended it after about a mile. We will be moving again just a little further north to McKinleyville. We are thinking about a zip line adventure 70 ft up in the redwoods. We’ll see…

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