Sweet Home San Francisco

An Ely kind of morning.

We arrived back home in the City by the Bay Just over a week ago on Friday as we had hoped. It took us 4 days to drive from Moab to SF and included 1 300 plus mile day and a couple of 250 days. We stopped in Torrey, UT on day 1 of the return drive to watch Game 7 of the Championship series. It was a great win over St. Louis in the rain at San Francisco. We had to plan carefully to be sure each place we stayed could get the Fox network – probably the only time in our lives we would ever want to be sure we could watch FOX.

From Torrey, we made it to Ely Nevada, and the next day to Fallon. Usually this is the most boring part of the trip. A dash across Nevada on Highway 50 from Ely to Fallon is almost alway pretty dull. But this time, when we awoke in Ely we were greeted by an inch or two of new snow. Pretty much the first snow we had seen the entire trip. We both brought all sorts of cold weather clothing because we have always run into some mighty cold conditions somewhere during September/October. Not this year. I think I only wore a long sleeve shirt maybe 6 days the entire period – and half of those were to protect from sun exposure. But it was pretty chilly that morning as the first of the years storms came through. The roads were all clear, the snow not really sticking to any pavement.

The best part of the drive this time was watching the changing clouds as the storm broke up and began clearing. All the way across Nevada we drove through intermittent snow showers. It looked like rain from a distance, but as we approached, it was either snow or sleet. The clouds were simple amazing and the lighting on them caused us to constantly photograph while moving and occasionally stopping for more steady shots. It felt like the quickest drive ever, but it was still 6 plus hours. The time change back 1 hour helped as well.

We did stop for a short while at the shoe tree – or whats left of it. On New Years Eve of 2010, some yahoo came along and cut down this 80 cottonwood. Now what’s left is a much lesser cottonwood that has become the de facto New Shoe Tree. It’s not nearly the same feeling, and the place has sort of taken on a darker feeling. The wash the tree used to grow out of has been burned out leaving just the chard remains of the former tree and revealing all the tossed bottles and burned brush.
I photographed here again more as to document the progression of the site than anything else. Taking a closer look at one of the limbs, I noticed something hanging from a lime that didn’t quite fit.
I used my telephoto to take an even closer look and saw better what had caught my eye. Someone had thought it very clever to hang a deer leg from the tree. I guess in redneck/hunter thinking, it was pretty funny, but it totally put me off. There is just something too disrespectful about this sort of display. Yes, I eat meat, but I find treating remains in this way plain wrong.

We arrived in Fallon in time to watch the Giants win Game 1 against Detroit and in the morning took off for California. Our final stop of the trip was just outside of Sacramento where we watched the Giants once again take it to Detroit. Something told me that Obama was not going to bail out Detroit this time.

In the morning, we did our final clean out of the LD before making the easy final drive home. Over the weekend, we very much enjoyed watching the dismantling of Detroit. If the Series had gone on longer, I would have been able to attend Game 6 or 7 in person, but I’m just fine with them winning it all early. We also really enjoyed the parade down Market Street the following Wednesday. Giants Rule!

Happy to be back in the Sierra’s


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