Cimarron Road

Tuesday, September 25
We had hoped for a sunny morning, but it wasn’t to be. It was pretty cloudy, but looked like it could break up. Still a little worried about rain on the dirt road at high elevation, we had a “discussion” about what to do and where to go. After talking with the RV park owner who knew the roads well, we were convinced that Cimarron Road would be fine as long as there was no snow on the ground at Silver Jack Reservoir. There was snow at the highest elevations from the night before, but nothing at the 10,000′ level. The Rav with it’s “all wheel drive” does well on dirt and a little mud, but I never like pushing it too far. No compound low and wheel clearance, while better than most cars, still does not meet real off-road standards.

As it turned out, we had no problems. Aspens all the way up the mountain were in peak or near peak color. I am really not sure at this point how well we did conveying the expansive beauty we saw, but we shot plenty. I’m so glad photography is digital these days. I would be a very poor person with all the money on film I would have spent.

Silver Jack Reservoir.

Arriving at Silver Jack, it was clear how little rainfall Colorado has gotten. The reservoir was very low, but the road was spectacular with wide views and amazing vistas around every turn. We traveled through dense aspen forests, and moved through areas just below massive cliffs. The changing light and cloud cover continued to add interest.

The road began to get steeper and windier as we approached the summit. The last 1000′ or so was in the clouds and it began raining, then sleeting. The views disappeared as the trees kind of closed us in. Nothing to do but drive over and begin the ride down. Once down about 500′, the rain let up and the skies brightened again. It was still pretty closed in, but occasionally there was a break which exposed amazing views of the countryside.

As we worked our way down, we came to a viewpoint where I could see a clearing down below. In it were 2 Lazy Dazes and a third rig obviously boon docking. We stopped in but nobody was home. On the fake windows of one was written Skylark. Now where have I heard that name before? I couldn’t place it, but I remembered it had to do with the Life With Lazy Daze Yahoo group. I left a business card in the door and we headed back through Montrose and back to camp. It was just after we started off again that I remembered who belonged to Skylark. It is Andy Baird, the moderator of our group. I’ve been wanting to add him to my Nomads project and was hoping to run into him somewhere along the way. I’ve emailed him and hoping he is agreeable to a meet up.

Our next little trip on Thursday will take us to Ouray and Silverton.

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One Response to Cimarron Road

  1. Garth Bacon says:

    Beautiful photography. The lighting was very kind to you.

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