Golden Gate Bridge at 75

Commute to Oblivion. San Francisco, CA 2008 ©David Gardner

It’s been a very busy 2 weeks since we’ve been home. It took a couple of days to get the LD unpacked, washed, waxed and put to bed, and then it was the yard’s turn. A quick mow, some weed pulling and now I can ignore it for a few more weeks while I get ready for my show in Sacramento.

It was unclear as to who I would be showing with until about a week ago. Originally, I was paired with a photographer from the mid-west. She had to drop out because of being unable to meet the high costs of matting and shipping prints from there to here. Before I left on the trip, I had asked my good friend, Stephen Johnson if he would be interested in showing with me. He is a great guy, a really exceptional photographer – a pioneer in digital photography in fact. It was difficult nailing him down because he is so busy, and it wasn’t until last week, when we got together with the curator of the show at Steve’s studio in Pacifica, that everything fell into place. We looked over images and discussed what might work as a show, and finally came to agreement. Steve will be showing a limited edition portfolio from his latest project, The Exquisite Earth, and some additional prints from his last project, With a New Eye. Both projects include some exceptional work and I am so pleased to be showing with someone who has not only been an employer and mentor, but such a close friend. I will be showing work from my project, Marking Our Place in the World, which deals with marks on the landscape. It’s an older project, but this will be the first time I’ve been able to show so much of it in one place, so I am very excited. So much of the past week has been consumed with getting everything in place for the show. I already had most of my photos printed and matted, but I still needed to make labels, create a guide and price list, make a project statement, and put together some additional support materials. Still a bit more to do.

But there is also time for some fun things. This weekend is the official celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th birthday. On Sunday, Mary and I are going out to Chrissy Field in the Presidio for a day of festivities. There are exhibits, and tours to be seen. It will be a zoo of course – we aren’t even attempting to drive there. Muni will be the way to get around. We plan on getting a early start, seeing what we want, then getting out. We won’t stay for the fireworks – the bridge will be closed from 9 PM to midnight to accommodate it, but it will probably be too foggy to see much anyway.

In honor of the celebration, I’ve decided to off my Golden Gate Bridge photograph, Commute to Oblivion,  as a limited edition of 25 at a special discount price. If you are interested in owning one of these prints for your very own, you can go HERE for the details.

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