Farewell to Canyonlands

Back in Moab for a couple more days. We left Island in the Sky earlier today after spending another hot one there yesterday. We did an early morning drive after I photographed at Mesa Arch, then pretty much lolled about the rest of the day. Late afternoon we visited the viewpoint again, but the light was no better than the day before, so we just enjoyed the sunset and returned to the RV.

In the morning, we got up just after sunrise and headed over to Shafer Point to photograph the layered mesa’s that are so great to see at this early time of the morning. This is one case where the haze in the air helps in making interesting images. When backlit, the mountains, mesa’s and canyon’s silhouette in a really pleasing way. It can look very different depending on weather conditions, but it is almost always interesting to see.

Tomorrow, we will be going on another little 4-wheel excursion with our friends Don and Janet Curly. Dinner at Buck’s Grill will be our reward. Thursday we will be leaving the area entirely – headed for the Green River area on Thursday. This of course depends on if the predicted thunderstorms materialize and change our plans. Our little Rav is good on dirt roads, but mud? Not so much.

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