Ten More from The Palouse

Morning broke with lots of clouds overhead. They are now down to 62 days of sunless days. I could see way off on the horizon a small sliver of clear sky, but it would be a couple of hours before it cleared enough to make a drive around worth while. It just meant a morning of reading and sipping coffee in the Lazy Daze. We were pretty worn out after our 100+ miles of driving and getting out and photographing. We just kept finding roads going off to interesting places, so we kept stopping and going.

We did go out again around 10 AM. By then, the sun had managed to break through intermittently and we thought it would be worthwhile looking around again. The forecast called for cloudy morning, clearing mid-day, clouding up in the afternoon. In reality, we got about 3 hours of usable sunlight. It stayed intermittent, but it would come out often and long enough to make it interesting.

Although this place holds so many more photographic possibilities, we’ve decided to move on once again. The forecasts for the next few days are calling for overcast skies through Saturday. Overcast isn’t really that bad, but it really flattens out the light and makes for duller photographs. Sometimes this is good. Not here though. We are heading down to the John Day Fossil Beds. We will visit Blue Basin and the Painted Hills. These are badlands-like places and I’m looking forward to photographing there. From there, we are headed back to the Cascades in hopes of finding mountain fall color. The word is it is at peak color up there and Mary is dying to check it out. But it means cutting short our stay in the Palouse. We’ll just have to come back again. Probably we will choose a spring period to return. Everything brown in the above images would be green in spring and that would also be something to see.

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