The Infinite Patience of Water

Burney Falls, CA

That is a line from an english translated french novel I’ve been reading. It is in reference to how water takes it’s time wearing away the land around it. I’m thinking it would make a wonderful title for a photographic series on moving water. Being here in the northwest where water is so much more in abundance has given me the opportunity to spend much more time photographing it’s tendencies. Flowing water – is there any more of a photographic cliche than the smooth, misty tendrils of it’s fluid movement as it passes before the lens in a time exposure? Probably not. Even so, I think it is the most effective of the photo cliches. Not only does the sense of movement come across, it also conveys as a single moment, the passage of time. This is difficult to do in landscape photography. I like being able to explore the textures of the flowing water. It is something that is not really perceptible when seeing it realtime. Varying shudder speeds can result in startling and surprising differences. There is also the white noise of water as it cascades through a space. It drowns out the ringing in my ears from chronic tinnitus and allows me a cleaner experience of a natural setting. I find it comforting to be able to reveal so many hidden aspects of water. Comforting to investigate and comforting to view the images.

Seaps at Burney Falls, CA

Here at Crater Lake National Park, the water theme continues. Naturally. The lake alone can offer so many different looks depending on the lighting conditions. One day not a cloud in sight – another, overcast skies.

Crater Lake National Park, OR

Wizard Island. Crater Lake, OR

Reflections in the lake.

The color of the lake itself can seem to be a weird approximation of the sky. I used it a couple of times as a seamless kind of backdrop for making plants stand out.

As it was in Lassen, spring was still in evidence here at Crater. We took several more hikes looking and finding wildflowers. We also found clouds of mosquitos. One follows the other here, unfortunatly we were caught deet-less on one morning hike around a boggy meadow, which it made for less than enjoyable photography. Oh but we persevered and came back with some nice images.

Lupine at Castle Creek. Crater Lake National Park, OR

Butterflies at Plaikni Falls.

Wildflower mix at Castle Creek.

Castle Creek.

Plaikni Falls and Lupine.

More Plaikni

Oh yes, just to update you on my last post about the surge protector caper – all turned out fairly well. The RV store took back the unit and refunded my money minus a 20% restocking fee. A good deal for him, but I am relieved not to be stuck for the entire amount. The lesson learned – trust your equipment.

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One Response to The Infinite Patience of Water

  1. Chris Okon says:

    Thank you for the beautiful images and insights of one of my favorite parts of CA!

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