Big Fun at the Fair

This past weekend Mary and I went up to the California State Fair for the opening of the Fine Art Exhibition. I have three prints in the exhibit this year – the most ever for me. I was initially a little disappointed I didn’t receive one of the Awards of Excellence, but looking over the winning images, I had to admire the quality of the work. I really love being involved in this particular competition. As big as this state is (and the fair for that matter), it still has the feel of small town. Everyone is friendly and supportive and there is very little of that art world arrogance that can be so off putting. After looking over the entire show and saying my hello’s to the exhibit organizers, I picked up my three Awards of Merit and we ventured out to enjoy the rest of the fair.

First up was the Fur and Feathers pavilion. This is one of Mary’s favorites. The Bird Lady was there again. For the last couple of years, she has dressed to match the birds she was showcasing. Last year she was in a lovely pink outfit. This year she was decked out in white to match her cockatoo’s. Our friend Betty enjoyed petting the super soft Chinchillas. They are much nicer when alive.

The livestock is always a must see. Not sure if this is the case in other states, but California livestock just seem to have a definite sense of style. We moved through the goat pens. I enjoyed their psychedelic sheaths, but the camouflage outfits also have a certain panache. Of course, the chickens are always ridiculous. It was a fun couple of days. We finished off with a roller-coaster ride that reminded us we are no longer in our 20’s.

I’ve got a number of things coming up in the next few weeks that I’m not quite ready to announce, the least of which is our next extended trip. I’ll be posting a lot more often about trip highlights and happenings. Stay tuned!

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