Nomads on LPV Magazine

So after complaining about all my rejections of late, I learned today that my Nomads project is featured on LVP Magazine. According to founder and managing editor, Bryan Formhals:

 LPV is an online and print magazine dedicated to contemporary documentary and fine art photography. Our aim is to provide a platform for emerging and amateur photographers to showcase their work in interesting ways. In our essays, we explore the evolving nature of photography in the digital age and how social media and technology are creating new opportunities for photographers and publishers.

 In keeping with my goal of submitting more work to online venues, I came across LPV about a week ago and spent several days looking over previous articles and entries. The more I read Bryan’s writings, the more impressed I was. Writing about photography is not easy. Too often it devolves into an incomprehensible artspeak that tends to make me feel stupid. Bryan’s writing doesn’t do that. He is very accessible and relatable. He makes smart observations and in his interviews, he asks questions I might ask. The projects he chooses more often than not are interesting to me and his opening comments add to the whole. I’m glad I found his blog and I throw many thanks to him for publishing the work.

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