Water Under the Bridge

Sabbaday Falls. New Hampshire. ©David Gardner

Four months into the year now and it’s been a bumpy ride. With the happy exception of aCurator, most of March was full of rejections. I learned I defiantly would not be attending PhotoLucida portfolio review – something I wanted very much. The luck of the draw wasn’t with me. I also didn’t make it into Review Santa Fe. That really wasn’t too surprising since they received five times as many projects as space allowed for. Unfortunately I didn’t even make the wait list this year. That part was a bit surprising considering I got in two years ago with the same project (Marking Our Place) only much less realized. I was counting on getting into one or the other and expected the next couple of months to be filled with reacting to what I learned. Now I have to figure out what to do with myself for the next 3 months until I hit the road again in August. The plus side of course is I can now devote the time and money to juried exhibits I had planned on passing up in lieu of the reviews. The hundreds I would have spent for the reviews translates to a lot of entry fees.

But that’s not all! Late in March, I received notification from Center regarding the 16th Annual Center Awards, that after careful consideration, none of work was chosen for an award. That was a little irritating since I had never even entered the competition. It’s feels crummy enough getting rejections, but getting rejections I never applied for just pisses me off.

Another little blip was discovering I will probably have to change the name of my newest project, New American Nomads. By chance, I learned another photographer, Daryl Peveto, has just won a honorable mention in the very same Editor’s Choice Awards put on by Center. His project, American Nomads, deals more with a group of cast-out misfits at the end of their rope living together in the desert. Mine is a bit more positive in intent and I think has more to do with what I consider a nomadic lifestyle than does Daryl’s. Our two projects have very little in common, but do share some aspects. He had the name first, and while I don’t have to change my title, I don’t want there to be confusion about the two. My project is so new that I don’t think I have to make a quick decision on this. It’s been suggested that I just use the name as a working title for now and see what else develops or comes to mind as the project progresses.

And finally, just today I learned I didn’t get into Center For Fine Art Photography’s Black and White competition, juried my Catherine Edelman. Well, there were over 3,000 images submitted and only 50 chosen, so I don’t feel that bad about it. These competitions are always tough. Win some, lose some. Still more on the horizon. Coming up, PDN, Griffin Museum, Santa Fe Workshop, PRC, Shots, Daylight, Newspace, Photo Center Northwest and many more.

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3 Responses to Water Under the Bridge

  1. Jim and Gayle says:

    David, that is pretty tough getting that rejection. Love the waterfall photo.


  2. Ah, thanks for the sympathy. But just to show you how fast it can turn around, today, my Nomads project was featured on LPV Magazine. http://lpvmagazine.com/
    They didn’t publish the one I did of you and Gayle, but it is a nice feature.

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