Life Support Japan

Frozen Plains. South Dakota. 2009

It was one week ago today and I was not having a good day. I received two rejection notices for juried competitions I’d entered. One included new portrait work I have high hopes for. I stepped outside to pick up my morning paper (yes, I am among the few who still read a newspaper) only to discover that thieves in the night had stolen a number of plants from containers in front of my house. Jeeze, I thought, Life can suck.

Later in the evening, when the first reports and pictures of earthquake and tsunami began coming in, I had to readjust my opinion. My petty little problems were quickly put in place as I witnessed the frightening power of nature when nothing stands in it’s way.

But how to respond.

This was the question posed by a couple of amazing woman in the photographic community. Aline Smithson of Lenscratch posed the question on Facebook, and Crista Dix, founder and Director of Wallspace Gallery responded. Together they put out the call asking photographers to donate work, and in a very shot time have put together a disaster relief effort called Life Suppot Japan. In a less than a week the effort has resulted $20,000 in sales.

For the sale, each photographer creates a limited edition set of 10 identical prints that are signed and numbered and offered for sale at $50.00 per print. The print is on paper sized 8.5 x 11. The list of photographers is impressive and at 300 photographers strong and growing, makes this an effort that will continue for an extended time. Many photographer contributions have sold out already, but not to worry, new images are added as old ones sell. So visit often and look at the current offerings. For this price, how can you go wrong.

There are 2 organizations that will benefit from the sale:



The image above is my contribution to the effort. It is not as yet on the site, but should be within a few days.

As an individual I could only contribute a small sum of cash. But creating a limited edition and offering it for sale, I can make the most of what I have to offer. For you, you can  contribute to a wonderful cause and have something beautiful to show for it. Crista and Aline are donating all of their time and working hard to see that virtually all monies resulting from the sales goes to the relief organizations.

Once again, go to Life Support Japan and shop for Japan

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