Borrego Springs Sculptures

Our home away from home with big sculptures.

We finished our time in Anza-Borrego with a tour of the giant scrap metal sculptures that dot the area. The sculptures are here because of town benefactor Dennis Avery, heir to the Avery label fortune, who bought up a bunch of land and commissioned artist Ricardo Breceda to create life-sized renditions of mostly prehistoric creatures that roamed the area. Lately he has been adding renditions of historical figures and tributes to causes. We moved about the area, photographing at dawn, at sunset, and even did some night photography. Here is some of what we saw.

Saber Tooth Tiger Attacking Horse.

Mother and Child Giant Sloths.

Mammoths on the Desert.

Standing Sloth.

Gomphotherium at Night.


As I mentioned, not only are there examples of prehistoric creatures, there are also many representations of creatures that currently walk the earth. Overall, there are more than 80 sculptures. We only found a fraction of them. Looking out over the landscape, we could on occasion see sculptures dotting the desert. Some were really out there and we chose not to visit every one.



Dawn Rams.

Backlit Rams.

Prospector and Horse.

The next morning, we said good by to Borrego and headed west to the coast. It is so amazing to leave the desert and arrive in a coastal community in such a short time, but 2 hours later, we pulled into San Clemente State Beach where we will stay for a couple of days before meeting friends in Anaheim for a couple of days at Disneyland, then back home to San Francisco. I will have a wrap-up post in a few day to consider how well I accomplished what I set out to do on this short trip.

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