Goals for the New Year

I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish photographically for this new year. I don’t want to just throw out a bunch of random things that would be nice to get done. Rather I’d like to set out a number of goals that I actually think I can get done – that is, things that are realistically doable. The first being getting my Marking project seen. Of course this was my number one goal for last year – and only partially accomplished. So it gets moved on to this year’s list as well. I have managed to get selected images seen through various juried exhibitions and will continue to do so, but the exposure has been too limited. At best, only a couple of images get seen. I am looking for broader exposure for this project. It is ready, and I have been submitting it to numerous gallery/museum type venues.

For this year, I think I have to change my focus a bit. I plan on looking more toward on-line galleries to show work. To some degree I have been avoiding this approach. I just think photographs should be seen in person, up close, as real prints. For me, there just is no better way to see photographs. It is a personal prejudice I guess, but I don’t think most people really consider photos seen online as thoughtfully as they do in person – short attention span.

On the positive side, online venue’s do provide a much wider audience and do seem much more plentiful. Their virtual nature allows for quick turnaround of images and projects and lots more work can be shown. The only real limits are time it takes to arrange and upload. I have submitted work to a few in the past, but haven’t been accepted to any as yet. It is a tack I need to take.

I’ve been thinking about how to market my contemplative work as well. This work tends to be even more problematic. The photo world is really not interested in most of this type of photography except for some of my more abstract subjects. I need to find other outlets. To this end, I am going to be looking at corporate art. Corporate art is the sort of niche that doesn’t always have the best of connotations, but for the right kind of work, can be steady source of income. Consultants look for art that fits various business mission statements, procures it and places it in the business. The key here is to find the right group. I think my work may fit in nicely. Work they might be interested would also require it to be larger in size. Offices spaces are often larger and the art needs to fill the space. Most of what I could provide would be in the 16×20 to 20×30 print size.

Looking a little more long term as far as projects go, I will be making images for a couple of different ideas I have going at this time. The first is tentatively called, New American Nomads. I will write more about this in a couple of days, but it is concerned with those who live full time in their motorhomes. The other idea I am still not completely clear on yet is tentatively titled, Western Myths. The process that seems to have evolved for me is to pretty much just photograph what interests me on my various road trips and later to review what I have shot to see what themes emerge. What seems to be coming out so far is sort of a roadside perception of what the west is. I am interested in how this compares with what I perceive as more of the realities. It is as yet vague and I am not quite sure where to take it, but the more I travel and shoot, the clearer it becomes.

So I think this is a fair set of goals to start with. More are sure to materialize as I move forward.

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