Urban View / Rural Sights • Documenting a Sense of Place

Gallatin City Hotel. Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana. 2009. ©David Gardner 2010

I learned today that one of my entries into the Urban View/Rural Sights juried exhibit at the Mpls Photo Center in Minneapolis is to be included in the show. The juror for the show is David Travis, Curator of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago, now retired. David chose 80 images from thousands entered, and you can have a preliminary look at the selections by clicking here.

This will probably be the last juried exhibit I will be included in for the year. It actually doesn’t open until January 7 in 2011, but since the decision came down this year, I’m including it. I do have one other hopeful that I won’t know about until mid-December, so there may be an additional announcement.

I thought this might be a good time to review what competitions and juried exhibits I did and did not get into this year. At the start of the year, I set out some goals for what I wanted to accomplish in terms of competitions. I said I would drastically cut back how many I entered. I said I would scrutinize them better and make hard decisions about what I would and would not enter. Well I did cut back, but only by a few. Last year I entered 23 and got into just 6 or about 25%. This year I entered 20, and to date have gotten into 8. That’s closer to 40% so I would have to say I accomplished part of what I had set out to do. Part of my reasons for not cutting back more has been the economy. My sales are way down from even last year, and I felt I needed to get work out and seen any way I could. I also said at the start of the year I would pursue venus that would be interested in showing my Marking project in whole or part. I have submitted it to a about 10 institutions around the country, and so far have only heard back from one (Nevada Museum of Art – they said no thanks). I believe I am getting closer to a full on show with the project. I’ve made a number of good connections with curators and public galleries and I think in time this will pay off. In the meantime, here is my list of entered juried events:

1. Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, CO. Elements of Water. Juror:John Paul Caponigro. Juried IN. I entered this one because of the juror. I know he responds well to my work.

Juried in by Deborah Klochko. Tony & Jane ©David Gardner 2010

2. Spiva Arts Center. Joplin, MO. 34th Annual National Photo Competition. Juror: Deborah Klochko. Juried IN. I entered again because of the juror and because I could enter 6 images from my Marking project.

3. Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, CO. Motion. Juror: Rich Clarkson. Not Accepted. I entered this one because I had some nice images which used motion in an integral way.

4. Center Awards. Santa Fe, NM. Choice Awards. Jurors: Various. Not Accepted. I was most interested in Jurors Chris Bennett and Laura Valenti from Newspace seeing the work. I sent them a complete exhibit proposal package back in May and I’m hopeful but not expecting.

5. Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, CO. RED. Juror: Amber Terranova. Juried IN. I wanted Amber to see my work and I had three images, and one especially, that fit the theme.

6. San Francisco Photo Alliance. Our World Portfolio Review. Juried IN. I wanted very much to see a number of reviewers. Some really good things came out of our meetings, but for mostly in the future.

7. Mpls Photo Center. Minneapolis, MN. Landscapes • Unfeigned or Illusory. Juror: Todd Brandow. Juried IN. I entered 4 images from the Marking project, getting one in.

8. California State Fair. 2010 California State Fair Fine Art Compitition. Juror: Kurt Fishback. Juried IN. Kurt is associated with a gallery in Sacramento I am interested in showing work at. Also, this competition picks lots of great work with loads of good awards.

9. San Francisco Arts Commission: 2-Dimensional Artwork for Laguna Honda Hospital. Not Accepted. This was a great opportunity to get some work permanently hung in a public space. Too bad!

10. Newspace Center for Photography. Portland, OR. 6th Annual Juried Exhibition. Juror: Darren Ching. Not Accepted. Took a chance with this one. I didn’t think Darren would respond well to my project, but I wasn’t sure enough to pass on it.

11. Art of Photography. San Diego, CA. Juror: Natasha Egan. Not Accepted. Supposedly they really push sales for those accepted and I wanted Natasha Egan to see some of my work.

12. F-Stop Magazine. Online Photography Magazine. Issue #42 Portfolio Issue. Juror: Amber Terranova. Not Accepted. Amber chose one of my entries in an earlier competition, so I thought, what the heck. Plus a chance to show the project.

13. PhotoLucida. Portland, OR. Critical Mass. Not Accepted. Didn’t even make the first cut. To be fair, I entered the same project as last year, but with mostly different images. Upon review of last years CD of entrants, I realized I uploaded everything with the wrong color space and they looked awful. So I re-entered this year, but had the same result.

14. San Joaquin Delta College. Stockton, CA. Contrasting Landscapes. Juror: Carol McCusker. Not Accepted. I thought my work would be a lock for this one, but the juror (who I met with at a portfolio review in Santa Monica) has not shown much interest in my work. It was worth a chance to show her some new prints. Worth a try.

15. Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, CO. New Normal. Juror: Edward Robinson. Not Accepted. Edward is an Associate Curator of the Wallis Annenberg Photography Dept. and someone I would really like to see my work. Thought I had a good chance with images from a new project I have begun. Thought wrong.

16. Vermont PhotoSpace. Essex Junction, VT. Managed Landscapes. Juror: Thomas Bachand. Juried IN. Thought my Marking project was a good fit. My image won the People’s Choice Award.

17.  Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, CO. Natural World. Juror: Susan Spiritus. Not Accepted. Thought I had a good chance with this one submitting some of my Contemplative Landscape work. I also wanted Susan to see some of my work.

18. WPGA. Took a chance with this one mainly because they only charge entrance fees based on what was accepted. I entered 12 images, got 6 accepted to the first round, but none in the second round. Not Accepted

19.  Mpls Photo Center. Minneapolis, MN. Urban View / Rural Sight • Documenting a Sense of Place. Juror: David Travis. Juried IN. I had a number of images – some from the Marking project, that I thought were a good fit. Bingo!

20. Project Basho. Philadelphia, PA. ONWARD ’11. Emerging Photographer Competition. Juror: Larry Fink. TO BE DETERMINED. I would love to have Larry Fink view my work. Not really sure it is a good fit with him, but worth a try.

So there you have it; everything I entered – the good, bad, ugly. I have not included a number of events that I just didn’t enter for one reason or another. Usually because the juror was someone I thought not inclined to like my work. There were a few I just missed because of being out of touch while on the road. A few were just too expensive. I will not pay exorbitant entry fees anymore.

Also, if anyone is interested in being put on my mailing list for periodic updates of my goings on, please drop me a line. I’ll be glad to add you. davidg@lightight.com

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