Catching Up – Part 2

Cedar Breaks National Monument, UT ©David Gardner

After our two days in Great Basin, we moved on to Utah and stayed in Cedar City for a couple of days. We are really kind of killing time a little as we hold off on going to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon until the Aspen begin to change to the golds of autumn. It affords us the opportunity to visit some areas we have missed during past trips. Cedar Breaks National Monument is one of those places. Cedar Breaks is Bryce like in that it has the same sort of eroded rock formations – but not nearly as extensive. There is also an area of Bristlecone pine that we were able to hike to. We did a loop drive from Cedar City through Cedar Breaks and continuing through the mountains and back to Cedar City.

Bristlecone Pine branches. ©David Gardner

Bristlecone detail. ©David Gardner

Before we returned, we discovered the Parowan petroglyphs near town. They were on a side road that cuts through an area called the Parowan Gap. The gap is simply a break in the rock wall that runs through the area. The petroglyphs are all grouped in this gap next to the road. Until recently, they were not well protected and as a result have been damaged by vandals. But in this case, vandalism  began in the 1880’s as the dates others tend to add their markings would indicate.

Parowan Gap petroglyph. ©David Gardner

Petroglyphs at Parowan Gap, UT. ©David Gardner

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