Missed the Cut Again

Well count me among the 375 hopefuls who didn’t make the cut for PhotoLucida’s Critical Mass this year. Each year 175 entries are chosen to go on to be viewed by an esteemed list of reviewers who then choose the top 50 who are eligible for book awards and exhibits. I entered my Marking project again this year. It is frowned upon entering too much repeat work from a previous year, but last year I uploaded my images with the wrong profile attached and they looked really weird and wrong. I made a big effort to pick images that were new to the competition, but still there were more repeats than ideal. I felt I had to try again with this project to give it a fair chance in my mind, but I don’t know if the repeats had an effect on whether the project was rejected or not. I don’t think so, but I won’t be entering this work in Critical Mass again.

Looking over the names of those selected, I guess I’m not too surprised I’m not chosen. I have seen the work of many of those who did make the cut and have to admit how good it is. Still, I thought I had a good chance. If I enter next year, it will be from one of the new projects I have begun.

This week is filled with efforts to prepare for our latest travel trip. We are leaving Thursday for 2 months of travel through Utah and Arizona. The blog will be updated much more often while we travel, so stay tuned.

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