Whats Goin’ On

Photographer Stephen Johnson and class. ©David Gardner 2010

It has been a surprisingly busy summer so far. I was pretty sure after the loss of so much work in a hard drive mishap, that I would have little to do. It’s true I had little to process and print, but so many other things have come up that I have been quite busy. First of all, I put together several proposals for exhibit of my Marking project and sent them out. One went to Nevada’s Museum of Art, where they have an ongoing program of collecting altered landscape photography. I would love to be among those included in that collection. Positive feedback from Newspace, Blue Sky and Photographic Center of the Northwest at some earlier portfolio reviews, led me to submit to these institutions. It will take time before I hear back from anyone, but I am hopeful of some sort of exposure.

I have also taken on and recently completed, a total redesign of my website. It was getting a little disjointed over the past several years with the different gallery styles I was using. It was also lacking in the use of newer web standard page layout conventions. Too much reliance on tables for layout, and I wasn’t completely happy with the Flash based galleries I was using. The redesign also required me to update my knowledge of Dreamweaver. This required another major time commitment. The result is quite nice I think. I’ve really improved the navigation through the site and the galleries are nicer with bigger images and smoother navigation. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Early in July, I assisted my friend and fellow photographer, Stephen Johnson, in a week long workshop called, “From RAW to Print”. The workshop took place at his studio and gallery in Pacifica CA, and included several field trips to shoot images that the students could then bring back to the studio to process, and later print. As the name implies, it takes students from the basic operation of their digital cameras to understanding RAW conversion and adjustments in Photoshop, to digital output. The workshop was sold out and with ten students at a widely varying skill levels, it was a real challenge. The week was intense, but very rewarding. I could see students go from total confusion and discouragement, to lighting up as they began to really get the process. Steve is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered and I always learn something new while helping the students.

Other goings on these past couple of months have been the juried competitions I’ve been entering. The landscape show at Mpls, Landscapes • Unfeigned or Illusory, closed in Minneapolis, as did the Red show at Colorado’s C4fap. Also my entry in the Cal Expo fine art competition we be coming home soon. I completed my entry for this year’s Critical Mass at PhotoLucida, and have entries pending at San Joaquin Delta College’s LH Horton Gallery, Center for Fine Art Photography and Vermont Photo Space. There are a couple of others coming up soon that I will have to decide on.

Next month I will be leaving on another two month trip. This one will be Utah and Arizona. Happily the U.S. government has overruled Arizona’s immigration obscenity and I will not have to boycott the state. The Grand Canyon and Sedona await! I will be blogging more regularly while away.

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