Our World Portfolio Review Part – 2

Day 2 began with a session with Rebecca Senf who is the Norton Family Assistant Curator of Photography, working out of the Center for Creative Photography and the Phoenix Art Museum. I am looking to place my work in museums and public photography spaces wherever I can, and I wanted to see what interest the project had with Rebecca. I was also speaking more to the communication aspects of the work than to the marks in landscape aspects. She was in fact interested but could not offer to represent me in any way. I didn’t really expect anything other than getting the work in front of her as sort of a first look. It is important to approach reviews as sort of 1st dates. I want to make a good impression and leave the reviewer impressed. Rebecca was another to suggest I look to the Nevada Museum of Art for possible interest. She thought the work was good and liked my approach.

Next up was Patty Felkner from the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento. This is more of a public space as opposed to a gallery and so I hoped it to be a good fit with my work. We had a really great conversation. Again I was speaking to the communication aspects and it was coming through really well. Patty really liked the sequence and variety of the images. We talked more about grouping in multiples and also how the project seemed to lend itself to a published format. This is something I’ve been debating with myself. I want to publish it, but not necessarily myself. I would prefer to leave the designing to someone with experience. A really ugly book can result from bad design and I am reluctant to take that on. In any event, Patty is interested in showing the work, hopefully in the 2010 season.

Another really good review was with Deirdre Visser. She is the Art Curator at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She Curates for two different spaces in the city and I felt she really got what I was going for in the work. It is such a pleasure to talk with someone who you don’t have to convince of anything. I felt we kind of clicked and it was quite fun speaking with her. It looks good for an exhibit in the nearish future in one of her exhibit spaces.

My other two reviews were with Eric Keller from Soulcatcher Studio gallery in Santa Fe, and Dennis Kiel from The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film in Charlotte, NC. I really just wanted to get an idea of what Eric was looking for and how he picked photographers to represent. The idea here was to introduce myself to him – get on his radar. With Dennis Kiel, I was looking again for outlets to show work. Dennis and I had a great conversation. It was my last review of the day and we extended it a little because there was time. Dennis commented on virtually every image and was quite impressed with the work. He invited me to submit work during the open calls.

So that is my experience during the reviews. I also made some new friends during the breaks between sessions and saw lots of good work. There was a portfolio sharing after the reviews were over so I got a chance to see everything I had missed earlier. There is also a book to be published soon with two images from every photographer along with contact information for all. All included for the price of admission.

I am moving on to Death Valley National Park today for probably about a week to check out the bloom and a number of other areas of interest. I’ll be dune walking in just a day. Oboy!

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