Paso Robles Wildflowers

Along Highway 46. Paso Robles, CA ©David Gardner

We are about a week into our latest photo trip. Once through the San Jose area we were amazed at the sight of the emerald green rolling hills. It’s been so long since California had abundant rainfall and seeing the results has been truly wonderful so far. We got as far as Paso Robles the first day and decided to stay over another day to check out the areas hill and roads. We were not disappointed. Driving on Highway 46 we found blooms everywhere. Whole hills were covered with yellows, rusts, oranges, and blues. The road was busy though. It’s a little uncomfortable pulling off in the narrow shoulders and having big-rigs and speeding cars rushing by. At one point, a CHP patrol car pulled over and asked if we were OK. He probably thought we were a little crazy to be out of our car. He’s probably a little right.

Fence Posts, Highway 46. ©David Gardner

Highway 46. ©David Gardner

Wildflower Field, Highway 46. ©David Gardner

Wildflowers. ©David Gardner

Wildflower Gully. ©David Gardner

We did manage to find more peaceful environs on Shell Road off Highway 58. The property here is all private, but accessible to the public. The road was virtually deserted with only us and a few other wildflower seekers lazily driving and stopping along the way. The predominant blooms seem to be the rust color of the Fiddleneck, but yellow Tidy Tips and Goldfield, along with Baby Blue Eyes and purple Owls Clover were much in evidence as well. A really great way to start out the trip.

Oak & Flowers, Shell Rd. ©David Gardner

Wildflower Hill. ©David Gardner

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