Carrizo Plain National Monument

Soda Lake & Temblor Mountains. ©David Gardner

On Friday, we reached Carrizo Plain National Monument. We knew nothing about this place until recently. It is best know for the San Andreas fault that runs through the monument. But in a very narrow window of time, and with an adequate amount of rainfall,  the place literally explodes with color. We pulled into the small campground just in time to get the last campsite that a motorhome could fit into. It is a no services campground, but we are well equipped to get through several days of dry camping. In the evenings, we were serenaded by the sounds of two Great Horned Owls hooting away. We never could spot them in the trees above us. We also enjoyed a nesting pair of Red Tail Hawks who had taken up residence in above us as well. Friday evening we took a short hike along the fault-line at the base of the Temblor Range. In places we could see where the moving fault had changed the course of Wallace Creek.

Fenceline and Fiddle Neck Flowers. ©David Gardner

San Andreas Fault at Wallace Creek. ©David Gardner

Goldfield Flowers. ©David Gardner

Changing Hillside. ©David Gardner

Cow Crossing. ©David Gardner

Fence & Hill. ©David Gardner

Goldfield Flowers. ©David Gardner

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