Juried in Again

Frozen Plains, SD. ©David Gardner2009

Today I was notified of being included in another of the Center for Fine Art Photography’s juried exhibits. This one titled, “Elements of Water”, and juried by John Paul Caponigro. This on the heels of the opening of “Art in Nature” just a few days ago. The image above is the one chosen. It is one of my favorites from my last trip through the western states. I shot it on a day we were dashing south in a desperate attempt to outrun the frigid cold that had been dogging us the previous two weeks. We had been stuck in Rapid City, South Dakota for the past 4 days and were going a little stir crazy. The waste tanks in the RV had frozen and we were feeling if we didn’t take advantage of a brief window of somewhat clearer weather, we might be stuck for a much longer period. So we got moving south down I 25. The day was just spectacular. It was mostly cloudy to start with, but later as we progressed, the sun began to peek out. I had never been in this kind of cold weather before. Temps had warmed to around the 20’s and everywhere for as far as I could see stretched the frozen plains. I could have stopped in a hundred different places alone the highway, but didn’t feel it was a safe thing to do in the RV towing the Rav. It probably wasn’t legal either. But I did manage to pull over at the various offramps to get a few shots off. The way the light changed minute buy minute was simply amazing. It killed me not to be able to stop more. I felt this was a missed opportunity for some special work, but putting myself and Mary at risk for the sake of some images just didn’t seem worth it. I still think about some of the views I was forced to drive past.

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