Back in the City

Rockers. San Francisco ©David Gardner 2009

I’ve been back in San Francisco now for about a month and all the chores are nearly caught up. So much piles up when I’m gone for months at a time. Trying to address everything is almost impossible, so things get done in dribs and drabs, until one day I look around and see most everything up to date. Yard work done, home repair done, business stuff caught up, image processing well under way. It feels good to be at this point.

One of the major developments while on the road was an email I got from WIN-Initiative. WIN stands for Worldwide Image Navigation. They are now a subsidy of Getty Images and was founded in 2007 by Hans Neleman. Considered a “boutique” agency, they tend to contract with a more creative and artistic group, and what results are images that are a bit more unusual. I entered a photo contest back in August call 10 Best 10. It was judged by an interesting group that included David Carson, Roberto De Luna, Dan Deacon, Cat Jimenez, Andrea Kaye and Stella Kramer. While I wasn’t included in the top ten, apparently I impressed enough to get an offer to join WIN as one of their 700 and climbing photographers.

I had to think about it for a while, but ultimately this has to be a good move for me. I shoot hundreds of images on any given trip and not everything I shoot is natural landscape. Only a relative few ever make it to one of my projects. So what do I do with all the rest? In addition to all my natural work, I can submit these other images to WIN and let them find a market. I’ve usually avoided pursuing a stock agency in the past. Most require a steady stream of hundreds of images submitted on a regular basis. They need to be thoroughly key worded, and model released. WIN requires this too, but they do the key wording and don’t seem to require as many submissions as others. I don’t see much of a down side to this arrangement. So I’m signed up and just waiting to have my space set-up on their servers before I begin to upload.

Worlds Largest Pistachio. New Mexico. ©David Gardner

Also, now up and running at the Center For Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the “Art in Nature” show. Kathy Moran was the juror for this show and she selected one of my White Sands images. The Show opens tonight, December 4 and runs through January 9, 2010. Take a look at the entire show here. Some really terrific work.

White Dunes #18. White Sands National Monument, NM. ©David Gardner 2009

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