Tumbleweed. Jackpot, Nevada   ©David Gardner

Tumbleweed. Jackpot, Nevada ©David Gardner

These first few days of driving tend to be a bit of a drag. After leaving California, the terrain of highway 80 through Nevada gets pretty mundane. Having the distraction of the Burning Man parade as we drove yesterday helped pass the time, but today, only a few remaining dust covered cars passed us by. Toward the end of the day, we arrived in Jackpot. Here, the town consists of about 5 casino’s, a couple of liquor stores, a post office and an air strip. There is a bit more to it – but not much. Jackpot is about mid-way to Arco Idaho, and eight hours of driving is about all I tend to want to do in a day. There is no big rush. But what is in Arco you may ask? I’ve recently heard about a place called number hill. It is what it says. Actually, it’s a small mountain covered in numbers. Why? Well I’m not saying – at least for now.

While driving today, I got a call from Carol Buchanan, the exhibits coordinator for the California State Fair. I entered my “Balance #1” image this year in the Fine Arts competition and won an Award of Excellence for my efforts. Todays call was a surprise. She called to tell me my print had sold. I love doing the competition every year. It’s for California artists only, and the level of work is quite high. I don’t get in every year, so when I do it is pretty gratifying. We go up to Sacramento for the preview and stay for the opening of the fair the next day. It was a really nice bit of info to start off our trip.

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