Arco, Idaho

September 9

Number Hill. Arco, Idaho.   ©David Gardner

Number Hill. Arco, Idaho. ©David Gardner

Another uneventful day of driving has brought us to Arco, Idaho. This is the home of the first functioning commercial nuclear reactor in the world. Also, the home of Number Hill as pictured above. It is a quirky little town. We overnighted in a pleasant little KOA (Kampground of America) where we enjoyed an ice cream social in the evening. Eariler in the day, we explored the HIll. I wanted to see if it might fit in my Marking Place project, and so made a number of images at various locations around the base of the mountain.

I’m not going to say how it has come to be covered in numbers. People always want to know where and what the images are about. That is normal I guess, but it tends to shift the conversation away from what I want it to be. To me, it’s not so important what the markings mean. The value in experiencing these places is to help gain an understanding of how we are using symbols to communicate. That we don’t always understand what is being communicated emphasizes the flaws in this system. This place only has meaning to those privy to the translations. The rest of us are left to wonder. I think I have some good images of the place and it will probably make its way into the project.

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2 Responses to Arco, Idaho

  1. Danielle Stewart says:

    The numbers are painted on the hill each year by highschool seniors. Each number represents the year the class graduated. I grew up there so I know.

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