New Honors

Low Tide. Vancouver Island, Canada.  ©David Gardner

Low Tide. Vancouver Island, Canada. ©David Gardner

March 24

Just learned that my image, “Low Tide, Vancouver Island”, above, was nominated for “Abstract of the Year” in the 3rd annual Photography Masters Cup, aka, The International Color Awards. Although I did not win, getting the nomination is an accomplishment by itself. There are hundreds of entries, and thousands of images in many categories, so I am quite pleased to get this.

I was also notified by Center in Santa Fe, that my Marking project, entered into the Project Competition and Review Santa Fe portfolio review, made the top 24% of those entered. Again, I did not win any of the top awards, but placing in the top quarter within a group of such highly considered photographers is something positive to take away.

I am number 12 on the waiting list to go to the review, held in June, and I’m hopeful to be eventually included. I think the project is quite close to completion, and being able to show it to the group of reviewers who will be there is a step I want to take at this point. They take around 100 of the top entries. I am on the 50 person wait list, hoping someone has a change of heart.

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