Two Days in Grand Teton


Oxbow bend. Grand Tetons National Park, 2008   ©David Gardner 2008

Oxbow bend. Grand Teton National Park, 2008 ©David Gardner 2008

August 8

We spent just a day at City of Rocks. We need to push ever eastward to cover all the areas we wanted to see before we end up in New England for the fall displays. But too much driving takes it’s toll as well so we decided to stop over in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming for a couple of days. The weather was just perfect. Sunny, hot days with afternoon thunder showers and light evening rain. The comfort of Carpe Diem once again has proved it’s worth.

We took a wonderful 8 mile hike to get ourselves acclimated (elevation in Jackson Hole around 6200′) I had forgotten how beautiful summer in the mountains can be. Everything is still very green and verdant. Wildflowers everywhere and clear, clean cool air abounds. We hiked the Paintbrush Canyon trail near Leigh Lake. It was named for the abundant Indian Paintbrush flowers that were growing everywhere. It was a steady climb, but not too difficult. The trail crossed the rushing cascade of Paintbrush Canyon Creek in several places and we stopped for lunch at one of those crossings. A very enjoyable day!

We almost never travel in summer. Too many peopled and crowded places, usually too hot, and high in season rates. But getting to the east coast for fall required us to experience at least some summertime travel. It has largely been a pleasant surprise. Yes, everywhere is too hot for us (mid 80’s – high 90’s), but places have been less far crowded than expected. High gas has apparently taken it’s toll on family travel plans here at home as well. Tomorrow we move on to Independence Rock.

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