Revisiting the Shoe Tree

Shoe Tree Revisited, 2008.  ©David Gardner 2008

Shoe Tree Revisited, 2008. ©David Gardner 2008

August 3

Mary and I are on the road again! The first day of an expected four month, 10,000 mile excursion across the U.S. and Canada. After months of preparation, we left San Francisco August 1st in “Carpe Diem”, our 26′ motorhome. It was actually named by previous owners and is on a little plaque near the door , but since we bought it on very short notice, and kind of just went for it when the opportunity presented itself, we decided it was appropriate to kept the name. Our “Toad” is a Rav4. Among the RVing set, Toad is the term given the the vehicle being towed. One learns a lot when on the road.  We arrived in South Lake Tahoe to attend the wedding of my nephew Matt to his longtime girlfriend Brooke. The ceremony was performed near the lake, and a wonderful time was had by all. We got to visit with family over the weekend and will say goodbye to all on Monday.

August 4

Our first stop after leaving Tahoe was of course the Shoe Tree. I really wanted to revisit this place – to photograph it again. The first image I shot back in 2003 was sort of just on a lark. I had no thoughts of a photo project at the time. It was just a really weird place that deserved some attention. I like the original image very much, but there was a problem with a new lens I was using at the time that caused the right third of the view to blur. So here I am again. It is the wrong season to shoot this place – the leaves have not yet fallen and many of the shoes are obscured. Also, the placement of the tree for the composition I want, requires it to be shot in morning light and I am here in the afternoon. It is too backlit in this light. It is interesting to see how many more shoes are here since my last stop – hundreds it seems. In the ravine there are hundreds more shoes piled up where they have either fallen or never made it up to the branches. So this photo will not be as successful. We will be coming back this way on our return trip home, so I will try again in November.

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