Putting it together

Grand Gallery Pictographs, 2003 ©David Gardner 2008

During this time (early 2007), I began going through my image archives to see if I had photos that might fit. There were a number that did – at least in theory. Perhaps they didn’t have the best emphasis for what I intended, but they did give me ideas for subjects to include or better ways to express the idea. Some of these are included in the project so far. The image above was shot in 2003. It caused me to realize in a more complete way that we have been making marks since we gained consciousness. I was still searching for the best way to express the ideas of the project, and I began to see that looking at it from an historical as well as current perspective would give me a wonderful overview. I had a portfolio of images put together by early 2008. I decided to attend a portfolio review put on by Center called Review LA. I hoped that talking with people well established in photography would help bring some clarity to the project. One of my reviewers Tony Bannon from George Eastman House in New York. He quickly understood what I was after. Actually, he got it better than I at this point. He suggested I look in the writings of Umberto Eco, and investigate theories of Semiotics. This was key for me. Semiotics, the study of signs and symbols, has given me the direction I needed to create a compelling project.

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